Grapes short earrings

Short earrings combining a light silver element and rounded grape shape in colour. An everyday piece that will add colour to your day.

“Grapes” collection was created the year that I arrived on the island. I noticed the grapes as they were growing on the vines,  I helped the farmers harvest and followed the wine making process. A beautiful symbol of connection and strengthI, grapes are a main part of the life on the island.

The colour of these earrings are made to order. Even though I originally made the grapes series only in the colours of the grapes, I find that as jewellery they look pretty in all colours. So, please choose your favourite. It can be dispatched in 2-3 working days.

Materials: sterling silver, paper, coated steel wire



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aegean sea, biscay, fuchsia, gaia, grey, indian night, lavender, marigold, my sea, olive, reds