about me

I was born and raised in Athens, in a house full of colours and a garden full of treasures. Materials could be found everywhere and I was fully encouraged to explore and play.  To make and ruin and make again. Later I studied graphic design and started to make books. In the book arts I found an interactive and most magical form of art. Following my instinctive love of knowledge I found myself in Seville where I learned the art of bookbinding and from there in Florence where I studied silversmithing. It was all about making crafts with my hands, learning new techniques and combining them through an endless free play. Returning to Greece I chose to live and make my workshop on a small island in the middle of the Aegean sea where I could feel my roots deep like the olive trees and my eyes would be free to wonder in the horizon. Here in Paros, I continued to study drawing and printmaking and started to design and make my jewellery, blending my love for paper and metal, for colours, brushes and tequnique.

about my work

“The straight line is godless”

This phrase said by Hundertwasser, has stayed with me, and I can recall it every time nature confirms it through its perfection. It is these manifestations of nature that I admire, I observe, and that impress me, and fragments of which I later try to convey using my hands. I begin by making small sketches, fleeting ideas of whatever draws my attention. Completed forms wander around my mind, forms of shells, flowers, leaves, at times even minimal or shapeless organic forms which I build asymmetrically.

My process never follows a straight line from concept to completion. An idea leads to discovery of new forms which then turn and transform my process. As the material changes under my hands my thinking evolves, a creative circle. My main materials are silver and paper. Silver is a tough “companion”. At times I transform it until it follows my sketch, or at other times I let it show me the way through its own pathways. For the purpose of antithesis but also for balance I use paper, a material which feels as if it holds me by the hand. The paper fibers create an environment where I play with the colours of nature and form the canvas on which I narrate my stories.